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Bistur Turizm & Seyahat Acentası
Historical Inns - Gaziantep City | Turkey
11 rooms and 3 suits, each with a character of their own...
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One of the suites...
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A corner to relax...
A Bathroom...
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‘Each older than 100 years, our four ‘Anatolian Houses’ are located in the heart of the Old City.

Our wish, when we started our quest for the ‘Anatolian Houses’, was to find some stone houses with courtyards. Then we would make them a homy place people would hate to leave and when they did, would look forward to coming back to peace and tranquility. With their architecture; beamed or painted ceilings, bird houses, caves and secret passages, home made bakery and with everything else they had, these houses would reflect the life style of old times; they would have to offer our guests more than comfortable beds and clean bathrooms, they had to be part of the cultural experience.

Our wish came true when we found these four houses, each older than 100 years, in the heart of the old city. They were built out of the soft stone, quarried in and around Antep and known for their capacity to keep the habitats cool in the heat of the summer and warm and easy to heat in the winter. With their 4 meter high walls surrounding the courtyards, the old houses in Antep were designed to reflect the cultural and religious background, which put high priority on privacy. Once in the courtyard, you are cut-off from the sound of the busy city right outside.
Gaziantep ,the biggest city in the southeast of Turkey and the sixth biggest one in Turkey, is one of the first settlements in Anatolia.
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